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All birds most be paid in full before any reservations of birds are made. Unless the customer don't make the necessary steps there will not be any holding or reservations of any kind.

We strongly believe that all payment methods should be 100% secure. That's why we have the best payments methods for our customers to process.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. The way that we deliver this is by providing you with live PICTURES, VIDEOS, EMAILS ​​​​​of the actual birds you are ordering that way you are 100% shore of the birds you are receiving.

In case that because an inconvenient happens at the time of quarantine, vaccination process wile they are here in Florida, you will receive a full refund for the price of the bird.

Below we have described a multiple payment options that we have available for customers to pay. Pick the one that you are more familiar with. For Tampa Lovebird satisfaction of the customer is the number one priority.​​​

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