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How can I make sure my love birds are male and female?

-Have a vet determine the sex of your birds. Or if you will like to test it your self you can do a DNA test. With one of the services that you can find online or you can simply go by the space in the pelvic bones. We have an article talking about this you can read it and learn to do it yourself CLICK HERE to read it. 

Can I have just one lovebird or will it die without a companion?

There is two types of lovebirds, The lovebird that was hand feed, and the lovebird that is wild raise by their normal bird parents. The difference is that the bird that is hand feed and it has been all his life with the human will create a bond with the human and don't need interaction from another bird as long as the human is there all the time, The Lovebird that is raised by their parents, will create the bond with another bird and if you leave it by itself it could died. Depending what type of lovebird you have is the type of attention it needs.​

Can a lovebird mate two times?

Yes, a lovebird can mate up to 4-5 times a year id is in a large aviary with good attention. Normally the female stops mating from 4-5 years old but the male can continue mating until he is 10 years old in most cases. 

Can I breed a peach-faced and a fischer lovebird?

Although they can breed, it will result in unhealthy, sterile hybrid lovebirds. The colors that comes our of this mix are good colors but is not good for the species because they won't be able to reproduce.

Is it okay to have two lovebirds of the same sex as a pair?

It doesn't matter if they are the same sex, most of the time two lovebirds of the same sex will act like if they were pairs. AS long as they have the company is ok.

Can a peach face lovebird's get his mom pregnant?

Yes, but preferably it shouldn't, as it may cause unhealthy offspring with low quality gender characteristics.

I have a cockatiel and a peach face lovebird in the same cage. Can they breed?


Can you mix Lovebirds with any other bird?

​No the genetics will not allow anything to come out of it.

I have a peachy face lovebird and I don't want to get its blood tested. How would I tell the sex?

 By feeling the birds pelvic bone.