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Who we are.

We are a local African Lovebird breeder in Tampa Florida. We started breeding Lovebirds in 2004, as time when on and our quantity of Lovebirds grow our aviary continue in expanding making us sell Lovebirds because they were to many.

Today we count with the capacity for over 300 pairs of African Lovebirds know as the eye ring Lovebird. We have from the most expensive and rare mutations to the most basic common type of lovebird.​​​​

Why Buy from Tampa Lovebird ?

All of our pairs are well kept, they are separated in sections of two, This is because is easier to keep track of the blood line and the color mixtures and mutations of the Lovebirds​​. We provide only the best top quality foods to all of our birds along with the best health care and vitamins including a balanced and healthy died.

All of our birds are guaranteed to be in 100% ​​perfect health conditions. By providing new vitamin water and foods with a clean hinge aviary every single day. This makes the quality and the health of the bird to be 100 % guaranteed.

Services Provided.

Tampa Lovebird not only breed the finest Lovebirds in the Bay Area but also Export/Import wield life services as well. With our ability to buy and sell to other countries in the world including Africa we always maintain the newest and latest mutations of lovebirds. We have the ability to ship to different places in the world like Spain, Venezuela , Philippines, Russia, all over US and mosh more. 



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