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                                                                                     African Love Birds

African love birds, which are also simply called lovebirds, are small, hook-beaked parrots. African love birds all come from the genus Agapornis, of which there are nine species. Of these nine species, three are commonly kept as pets, and the other six are significantly rarer or unknown in captivity.

                        ​Peachfaced Love Bird

​The Peachfaced love bird is the love bird that is most commonly kept in captivity. They are easy birds to care for, and they breed easily. The peachfaced love bird comes from southwestern Africa and come in a wide array of possible colors. They frequently have dark green bodies, a blue rump, and a bright orange or red face.

                       Abyssinian Love Birds

Due to the fact that they are more difficult to breed, Abyssinian love birds are more expensive. Males have bright green plumage with a bright red forehead, while females are a duller green and lack the red markings.

                       Madagascar Love Birds

The Madagascar love bird is a rare bird in captivity due both to export restrictions and the fact that they are difficult to breed. They are the smallest love bird, with dark green bodies and wings, but whiteish gray heads. The species is delicate and it is only recommended for experienced keepers.

                       Fischer's Love Birds

Fischer's love birds have green bodies, golden yellow necks and dark orange heads. There is a patch of olive green feathers on the head and there may be some purple or blue feathers in the tail. They are a common bird in the pet trade, and they are known to be playful and energetic birds. Like the peachfaced love bird, the Fischer's love bird comes in a wide variety of colors.

                       Black-Cheeked Love Birds

The black-cheeked love bird comes from southwestern Zambia, and is the most endangered of all the African parrot species. It has a green body, an orange patch of feathers on the chest, and a black face. Due to the fact that they are endangered, most black-cheeked love birds are found in breeding programs, but it is still possible to find non-viable specimens as pets.

                       Red-Faced Love Birds

The red-faced love bird is not commonly kept as a pet. Males have a bright green body with a bright orange-red face, and black flight feathers. The females are colored similarly, but they are paler.

                       Nyasa Love Birds

The Nyasa love bird is also called the Lilian's love bird, and it is a rare species that is difficult to breed. Because of this, there have not been any field studies or ecological studies done of the bird to date, and it is the least studied of all the love bird species.

                       Black-Collared Love Birds

The black-collared love bird is a shy species, and they are not kept as pets. They are very delicate and need a specific species of fig as the basis of their daily diet. They have green bodies with a black half-collar at the nape of their neck. They have yellow-orange chests and blue and red markings on their rump.

                       Black Masked Love Birds

Black-masked lovebirds are commonly kept in captivity, and they are native to Tanzania. They are social birds that should be kept in communal aviaries. Naturally colored black-masked lovebirds have bright green bodies and a mostly black head, but breeding has produced both blue and yellow specimens.

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