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Tampa Lovebirds have a wide variety of Lovebirds.

In our aviary you will find a large variety of species of the African lovebird. We have them all separated in pairs that way we can make shore that all the mutations we have are controlled. We ship to other states and other countries. We also provide to regular customers that will like to have lovebirds as pets. We sale in bulk to pet stores and other retail stores.

Now you can Pre-order all your favorite Amazon Parrots here in our website. We have a large variety available to pic from. We can ship to all states in the USA
You can pic all your favorite Cockatoo Parrots here available for Pre-Order in our website.
Pre-Order African Grays with Us. We can ship all 3 types of African Grays to any state in the USA.
We Have a large variety of all colors Macaws available for Pre-Order In our Website. We can ship to any state in the USA.

Tampa Lovebirds have the ability to ship lovebirds all over United Sates. We use the best Airlines that have the best Pet services available at this moment. We can also ship your lovebirds to other countries.
Tampa Lovebird knows that the safety of your future bird is very important that's why we always go the extra mile in making sure that we take every precaution and step possible to make the journey of your birds a comfortable journey. We always hire the best vets in town and provide the best health care to all of our Lovebirds. Click in the link to see rates for different countries. Click Here.
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We have Handfeed baby lovebirds starting at $99 and adult lovebirds available. There is no minimum order requiring to ship.
We ship all over United States for only $65 and we can place up to 20 birds in each shipping. ...
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Take a look at one of the largest Lovebird Colection Available for sale online. we have available all types of adult Lovebirds and Handfeed Baby Lovebirds.
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